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PTTA Director for LEO/ Military, Germany

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Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association - Instructor Bio

Founder and Coach of Kampfkunstschule Lauenau is Lars Helms. Lars started his Pekiti Tirsia career in the early ’90’s under Tuhon William (Bill) McGrath and Oliver McRae. In addition to this he participated several seminares and trainings all over the world under different FMA high ranking instructors like Guro Dan Inosanto, GM Cacoy Canete etc. and other martial arts instructors. Lars holds also several instructor ranks in different martial arts.

The applicability and feasibility of martial art, especially Pekiti Tirsia and WSL Wing Chun for Law Enforcement and Military Units is the main focus for Mandala Lars Helms. The focus is here the application in hand to hand combat, edged/ impact weapon training, firearm skills in extreme close quarter scenarios.

Martial Arts:

  • Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto (JunFan Gung Fu/ JKD; FMA)
  • Instructor under Ajarn Chai Sirisute (TBA; Thaiboxing Association of America)
  • Instructor under Sensei Erik Paulson (CSW; Combat Submission Wrestling)
  • Instructor under Guro Rick Faye (MKG; Minnesota Kali Group)
  • Instructor under Sifu Ulli Portsteffen (WSL Wing Chun)